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Music is the highest form of communication. You do not need to speak a certain language to understand it.  Everything in this existence is music moving to a specific time and we experience it all through our bodies.  Musical tone links emotional energy, connecting us to everything around us.

I also feel that poetry is the highest form of written communication, delivering emotional packets that connect with the poet to the reader, regardless of the time it is written or read.

I recently came back to guitar after several years of zero progression.  I played, but did not go anywhere with it.  After my brother gifted me a beautiful Gibson Les Paul and outfitted me with Boss Looper and Strymon Sunset Overdrive pedals, I am back on to the musical path again.  Combining tone and reason together via song has become an enjoyable weekly challenge.

Survival Trial 2017 via Outside Magazine


Previously with Jon Weiler…

This video is of the final year of Survival Trials that I ran, back in 2016.  The Survival Trial was a 24-72 hour, survival-based adventure race that was modeled from my past real world experiences and lifestyle. It was a great 5 years of running these and I had the opportunity to meet so many unique and tough individuals.

Survival Trial became the culmination of my previous 15 years of life, from my military service to firearm instruction company.  I experienced many challenging and beautiful things in travelling the world, interacting with interesting people and cultures.  I would not choose to relive these experiences again, but am grateful for them as part of my journey.

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We begin to die from the moment we are born, for birth is the cause of death. The nature of decay is inherent in youth, the nature of sickness is inherent in health, in the midst of life we are verily in death.

Siddhartha Gautama